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Five activities for one household for just £30.00. Get unique things to do at home delivered to your door.

With Buckt Home, you’ll receive 5 mystery activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for couples, families or anyone looking to add a bit of fun to their lives.

Receive 5 actual activities to complete | Activities worth an average of £60 per box | Cancel your subscription at any time

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Just £30 per household

Your Buckt Home box will contain five activities. Each activity is designed to be completed by two people, however families and households can share the activities and complete them together.

Please fill in all of the details below. If you wish to purchase a Buckt Box as a gift, please click here.

How does Buckt Home work?

Step 1

Make a great decision

It costs just £30 per household. Each activity is designed for two people but many can be completed together as a family. We also have gift packages available, which you can find out more about here.

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Step 2

Enter your details & complete your purchase

Enter your details, follow the instructions and complete your purchase.

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Step 3

Your items will get delivered in the post

By the seventh working day of the month, you’ll receive your items. Physical items will be sent in the post, whilst your online activities can be accessed through the Buckt app.

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Step 4

This is where the fun begins!

Complete your activities, and share the experience with us on Facebook and Instagram. Bring some your fun into your life and, if you’re not a fan, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

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Activities worth an average of £60 per box.

Cancel any time. No minimum commitment.

A unique range of activities included in each box.

All critical items to complete the activities included in each box.

What is Buckt Home?

‘Buckt Home’ is a monthly subscription box offering you five mystery activities and things to do at home with your partner or family. Each box contains a unique mix of physical activities, digital entertainment, online workshops and courses, ‘Buckt Brain Workouts’ as well as group activities and challenges to take part in alongside the rest of the Buckt community.

From crafting and home baking kits to online yoga lessons and cocktail masterclasses, each box contains an eclectic mix of activities that will inspire you to try something new – from the comfort of your own home.

Each box costs just £30 for two people but contains activities worth an average of £60, you can do all five activities, and can cancel at any time.

Buckt Home is the sister product to our original Buckt product ‘Buckt Go’. Buckt Go is the UK’s only tickets and activities subscription box. Every month subscribers of Buckt Go receive five mystery tickets to top attractions and activities in their region.

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What’s included?

Each box contains five activities and things to do at home worth an average of £60 per box.

Physical products

From crafting to baking, painting and cocktail-making, you’ll receive physical activities that you can complete together.

Digital entertainment

This isn’t just your typical digital entertainment, oh no! Expect exclusive screenings of theatre shows, sports matches as well as the digital entertainment you know and love.

Online courses and classes

Fancy learning a new skill? Forget boring and stuffy courses – in your box you’ll learn things that will blow your mind!

Brain workouts

We work with the best of the best to bring you interesting things to do that make you think. You’ll receive unique puzzles and mindfulness activities that get your brain working.

Buckt community activities

Connect with your mates, as well as other subscribers across the country through competitions, mass events and creative digital activities.

Unique challenges

Complete imaginative challenges set by the Buckt team that you will never forget! Push yourself and do something you never would have dreamed of with Buckt Home.

Information about your purchase

How do I complete a purchase?

  1. Decide whether you would like to treat yourself and sign up for a standard subscription, or whether you would like to purchase a gift subscription for someone else.
    • For gift purchases, you will be taken to a separate web page, and will be asked to choose your region and whether you will be completing the activities alongside the gift recipient.
  2. Fill in your details.
  3. Make payment.
  4. Your five mystery activities will be delivered within the first seven working days of the following month.

How does it work?

Every month you’ll receive five mystery activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

These activities include physical products such as crafting kits, baking kits, games and more. You’ll also receive digital activities including digital escape rooms, murder mysteries or online classes, Buckt ‘brain workouts’ as well as unique challenges.


  • Complete your registration.
  • The items will be delivered by the seventh working day of the following month.
  • You’ll be able to complete the digital activities over the next three months. Please note that some digital activities do take place on set dates.

When do I need to book in for my online activities by?

Please be aware of the following deadlines/timeframes:

  • Last day of the month – all orders/bookings for online activities must be placed by midnight on the last day of the month

How do I purchase a gift subscription?

To purchase a gift for someone else, please head to our Gift Box section here.

Please note that a promotional code can not be used to purchase a gift for someone else, and all promotional rates will be listed in our Gift Box section.

What do I get with a subscription?

Every month, your Buckt Home subscription includes five mystery activities that are designed for two people (however can be completed as a family if suitable).

The activities fall under the following categories:

    • Physical products
    • Digital entertainment
    • Online courses and classes
    • Brain workouts
    • Buckt community activities
    • Unique challenges

How many activities will I receive?

You will receive five activities each month. You can do all five activities, or just the few that really take your fancy. It’s entirely up to you!

What is the cost per box?

Each box costs just £30 per household.

This includes five activities, each of which is designed for two people.

What is the value of the activities in the box?

To purchase activities included in your box separately, on average, it would cost you £60 per person. This means that a box is worth £60, but costs you just £30.

We do frequently exceed this valuation and always aim to create a box that is the best value for money for our subscribers.

When will my activities be delivered?


  • Your first set of items will be with you by the seventh working day of the month after you signed up.
  • EXAMPLE: If you signed up in February, your first box will be with you within the first seven working days of March.
  • EXAMPLE: If you signed up in August, your first box will be with you within seven working days of September.
  • Please note that working days are Mon-Fri.
  • Items will usually arrive on the seventh working day.
  • All delivery times are estimates. We work tirelessly to make sure our boxes are with you by the seventh working day, but please do allow a bit of flexibility.
  • The Buckt app will be updated on the seventh working day of the month outlining your activities.
  • For online activities, you will be able to book in as soon as the app is updated.



  • All future boxes and activities will be with you by the seventh working day.
  • EXAMPLE: If you signed up in February, your first box will be with you within the first seven working days of March. Your next box will be with you within the first seven working days of April.

How many people does each box cover? Who can complete the activities?

Each box contains activities for one ‘household’, but the activities are designed to be completed by two people.
We state that each box is for a household as some activities can be completed as a family. For example, crafting activities or the Buckt challenges could be completed as a family unit.
You may also find that different people within the household wish to complete different activities. For example, mom and dad may complete the online courses whilst the teenage daughter may do the baking activity.
However, please bear in mind that the product is intended for two people. For online activities where there are set places we will only provide two ‘tickets/access codes’. This may include but is not limited to online courses, classes, escape rooms etc.

Is this suitable for families or under 18s?

The box is specifically created with adult couples in mind, however many of the activities will be suitable for children and teenagers with adult supervision.

For example, boxes will contain fun crafting activities, creative tasks, digital shows and entertainment and tonnes more – all of which are suitable for under 18s.

We state that the box is for ‘households’ because many individuals will wish to do some of the five activities with their children,

Please bear in mind, however, that the box cannot be purchased by or for under 18s as boxes may contain activities not suitable for this age range without adult supervision.

How long do I have to complete the online activities, courses, classes etc?

There is no deadline to complete these activities, however online classes and workshops are usually on set dates within the first 3 months of receiving your box.


  • Example:
    • If you receive October’s box, the online classes and workshops will take place between 1st October and the 31st December.

WillI have to provide any additional materials?

You will receive all necessary items to complete this activity.

We identify what are ‘necessary’ items by asking the following questions.

  1. What does the company/partner that we are working with provide to a normal customer?
  2. Would an average person have this item?
  3. Is the item essential for the activity?

1) What does the company/partner that we are working with provide to a normal customer?

The majority of the activities in your box are made by companies who sell the product separately to the general public. We will include what they would include to a normal paying customer.

For example, an online entertainment subscription would not provide a TV, but a TV would be necessary to complete that activity.

2) Would an average person have this item?

If an average person would not have an item needed to complete the activity, then it will be included. If we deem – through conversations with customers, activity providers and based on our own experience – that an average person would have an item, then it will not be included.

For example, any baking related activities would include flour and ingredients, but not eggs or milk as it is deemed that the average person would have – at some point over the course of the box – eggs and milk.

3) Is the item essential for the activity?

Some activities can be completed without certain items. If the item is not essential for the activity, it may not be included.

For example, it is not essential to have a yoga mat for a yoga-type activity.

Do you cater for allergies, intolerances and preferences?

Unfortunately, due to the size of the business, we are not at the point where we can fully cater for allergies, intolerances and other preferences (such as vegetarianism).

We do our best to provide alternatives where possible, but this is not always feasible.

We are hoping to improve on this in the future, but please do bear this in mind when purchasing.

When will payment be taken?

  • If you have signed up for a standard subscription
    • An initial payment will be taken straight away and this is for your first box, which you will receive at the beginning of the following month.

    • Your next payment will be taken out on the first day of the month of your next box (i.e. the payment for April’s box will come out on the 1st April).

    • You will then be charged every month on the first day of the month of your box.

    • Example:

      • If you’ve subscribed on the 17th April, an initial payment will come out on the 17th April. This will be for your first box, which you will receive in May. Your next payment after that will come out on the 1st June, and that will be for your June box.
  • If you have purchased a gift
    • Please check the specific gift purchasing pages for full details.

What areas do you serve with Buckt Home?

Buckt Home serves all locations across the United Kingdom and is not location specific like our other Buckt product, Buckt Go.

The box can also be dispatched internationally, but you will need to email us first to arrange this on support@buckt.uk. International delivery will incur an additional postage cost.

It seems really low cost. Are there any hidden charges?

You will be able to complete all five activities included in the box, and this is all covered by your subscription cost.

You may need to provide certain items, for example eggs for a baking activity. Please see the ‘will I have to provide additional materials?’ FAQ section for further information.

Can I purchase additional tickets, or extra activities, from each box?

Yes! You are able to purchase additional tickets for any activities that you need to book in for, as well extra kits for any physical products.

These are usually sold at a lower price than the RRP.

Please see the booklet in your box for additional information.

I subscriber to Buckt Go. Can I get a discount to Buckt Home? Can I purchase both Buckt Home and Buckt Go at a discounted rate?

Yes! Subscribers of both products will get £10 off the total cost meaning that it will be just £50 for both Buckt Go (Duo Box) and Buckt Home instead of £60.

Can I cancel my subscription? (If applicable)

All subscriptions are rolling subscriptions that can be cancelled at any time. To cancel, please email support@buckt.uk and we will provide you more information on how to terminate your subscription.