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What is Buckt? Where do we operate? What's the meaning of life?


What is Buckt?

Buckt is a monthly tickets and activities subscription box. Each month subscribers get 5 mystery things to do in their region delivered directly to their door.

The business is inspired by the idea of a bucket list: our aim is to help subscribers tick something off their list, to go on an adventure and to fall in love with something new.

What do I get with a subscription?

You get a Buckt Box delivered directly to your door. Each box contains 5 tickets and activities; things you can go and do in your region.

Each box contains 3 tickets to top venues and attractions and 2 surprise activities. These surprise activities could consist of online courses, exclusive invitations to special events, or money-can’t-buy bucket list challenges.

On average, our boxes include tickets and activities that would cost around £40pp if bought separately. So, a Duo Box includes activities worth £80, but costs just £25.

How long do I have to complete the activities in my box?

You have 6 weeks to book in and complete your activities.

Some activities will be on set dates (specifically shows or sports events), but on the most-part you will be able to complete them within 6 weeks of receiving the box.

Where does Buckt operate? Where are the activities?

Buckt currently operates in the West Midlands meaning that all the activities are in this region. We will begin expanding into other areas from Summer 2017. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear about our expansion.

When will the payment be taken out?

An initial payment will be taken out of your account within 2-4 working days and this is for your first box.

Your next payment will be taken out on the last day of the month preceding when you’re next box is due (i.e. the payment for March’s box will come out on the last day of February).

You will then be charged every month on the last day of the month preceding your next box.


  • If you’ve subscribed on the 4th February, an initial payment will come out within 2-4 working days. This will be for your first box, which you will receive in March. Your next payment after that will come out on the 31st March, and that will be for the April box and so on.

When will my box be delivered?

Your box will be received by the 3rd day of the month.

For new subscribers, your first box will be received on the 3rd day of the following month that you subscribed.


  • You subscribe on the 8th August. Your first box will be received by the 3rd September. Your next box will be received by the 3rd October. And so on.

Do you have a package specifically for businesses?

Yes! Our base offer is 10 Buckt Boxes for £150, however we are extremely flexible and can meet the needs of nearly any business. These boxes can be distributed to staff as rewards, or given to clients as thank you.

If I get a group of my mates/colleagues to sign up, will we get a discount?

Yes! The more people that sign up, the cheaper it will work out per subscriber. Just drop daniel@buckt.uk an email to discuss this further.

There's talk of Buckt being inspired by the idea of a bucket list. What does this mean?

The idea was originally inspired by our founder’s bucket list. It contained 100 activities – both big cliche bucket list activities, and small personal challenges.

Our founder Dan, spoke to different people about their own bucket lists and realised that they weren’t just about ticking things off a piece of paper, but actually pushing yourself to the limit, falling in love with something new, having an escape from routine and ultimate living life to its fullest.

These ideas encapsulate what Buckt is about. We want people to try new and exciting things; things they’ve never done before or even thought about doing. But actually, we want subscribers to have an escape from the humdrum of life. We want subscriber to find something that they enjoy and fall in love with it. We want subscribers to create unique memories that stick with them forever.

These were the things that motivated Dan to write his list, and have motivated him to complete what’s on it.

How can you deliver 'activities in a box'?

Easy peasy. We create a specially designed booklet that talks about all the activities in the box and how you can access that activities. Some businesses provide us with physical tickets, others request that you book with us, others request that you just turn up on the day with your Buckt booklet.

How do I give Buckt to someone as a gift?

When you purchase, during checkout, you have the option of putting a different delivery address than the billing address. You also have the option to explain why you’re choosing a different delivery address: whether it’s because you’re sending it as a gift to someone else or not.

If you choose to say that it’s a gift, we will deliver it to the new address.

If I can't find exactly what I want or have any specific requests, can I contact you?

Yes! We’re more than happy to take specific requests and we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability/as much as is practically possible.

Am I committed to my Buckt subscription? Can I cancel?

Every subscriber get put onto a direct debit automatically, however you can cancel this at any time. You must give us a weeks notice before your next box is due, and can cancel by emailing daniel@buckt.uk.