A bit about Carly, our new CEO’s Assistant and Marketing Manager Apprentice.

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A bit about Carly..


What is your personal philosophy?

There is no time limit or specific route when it comes to being successful.

What’s on your bucket list?

Travel to as many exotic places in the world as possible but defiantly visit Thailand and Barbados.

What three traits define you?

Firstly passionate. I cannot fully involve myself to take part in any project that I am not passionate about, whether that is in work or through day to day tasks that I know I must do. I believe that if you are truly passionate about what you do, the amount you can achieve is boundless.
Being persistent is another trait that has helped me both through business and life. You cannot be more satisfied in yourself when you have tried your hardest and been the best you can be and when you are satisfied you are at your happiest!
Honesty is a trait that has slowly grown on me and now I would say defines me. Being brutally honest with yourself and others can do no one any harm and in turn can help you a lot. With being honest comes more questions, faster answers and a sense of freedom. Therefore, a combination of freedom and knowledge can only really lead to success.


What do you ultimately want to become?

Eventually, I would like to own a business of my own and become a leader but that will come later on down the line. Right now focusing on learning as much as I can in a professional business environment and working with young entrepreneurs such as Daniel is the first step of the ladder. This is another reason why I am so excited to work with such an innovative and creative team!
The team gels well. We are always bouncing ideas off each other and always thinking of solutions to any problems we have. It is truly a group of people that have such a diverse range of talent and skill! Growing with these guys on the team is a pleasure and I am looking forward to being part of the future of Buckt!

Carly McLoughlin
CEO’s Assistant and Marketing Manager Apprentice