Buckt Home

Get fun, unique and memorable activities to do - from the comfort of your own home.

‘Buckt Home’ is a monthly subscription box offering you five mystery activities and things to do at home with your partner or family.

Each box contains a unique mix of physical activities, digital entertainment, online workshops and courses, ‘Buckt Brain Workouts’ as well as group activities and challenges to take part in alongside the rest of the Buckt community.

Receive 5 actual activities to complete | Activities worth on average £60 per box  | Cancel your subscription at any time

Activities worth an average of £60 per box.

Cancel any time. No minimum commitment.

A unique range of activities included in each box.

All critical items to complete the activities  included in each box.

Get five mystery activities to do at home for just £30 per household.

How does Buckt Home work?

Step 1

Sign up to Buckt Home

It’s easy! A few clicks, a couple of minutes and BOOM you’re done! For just £30 per household, you’re registered and good to go.

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Step 2

Receive your activities

Each month you’ll receive 5 mystery things to do – all of which you can do from the comfort of your own home! From crafting and home baking kits to online yoga lessons and cocktail masterclasses, you’re always in for a treat. 

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Step 3

Never be bored at home again

Complete all the activities or just the ones that really take your fancy! Treat yourself, add a bit of colour into your life and fall in love with something new with Buckt Home.

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What’s included?

Each box contains five activities and things to do at home worth an average of £60 per box.

Physical products

From crafting to baking, painting and cocktail-making, you’ll receive physical activities that you can complete together.

Digital entertainment

This isn’t just your typical digital entertainment, oh no! Expect exclusive screenings of theatre shows, sports matches as well as the digital entertainment you know and love.

Online classes and courses

Fancy learning a new skill? Forget boring and stuffy courses – in your box you’ll learn things that will blow your mind!

Brain workouts

We work with the best of the best to bring you interesting things to do that make you think. You’ll receive unique puzzles and mindfulness activities that get your brain working.

Buckt community activities

Connect with your mates, as well as other subscribers across the country through competitions, mass events and creative digital activities.

Unique challenges

Complete imaginative challenges set by the Buckt team that you will never forget! Push yourself and do something you never would have dreamed of with Buckt Home.

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