Fed up of doing the same thing week in, week out? Want unique, memorable & easy-to-plan activities to do with your mates?
Try Buckt, the UK's only tickets & activities subscription box!

Get 8-10 mystery things to do in your region delivered directly to your door every other month.

How does Buckt Work?

Step 1

Pick Your Package

Two decisions: 1) subscribe from the current box in circulation or the next, 2) subscribe on your own or with someone else. Easy!

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Step 2

Your Box
Gets Delivered

Owls* deliver your Buckt Box directly to your door.
*May not be delivered by owls.

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Step 3

Never Be Bored Again

Each box includes 8-10 activities. Tick something off your bucket list, go on an adventure, fall in love with something new with Buckt.

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Each Box Includes 8-10 Activities


2-4 tickets to top venues and attractions coming your way!

Buckt - tickets and activities subscription box - go parachuting


Get 1-2 discounts on higher end bucket list activities. Now what's stopping you?


1-3 invitations to unique or obscure activities or venues.


2-4 money-can't-buy challenges designed to help you live life to the max!

What’s A ‘Bi-Monthly Mystery Subscription Box’?

Every other month you get a Buckt Box delivered directly to you door.

Each box covers a two-month ‘block’ and contains 8-10 activities broken down into tickets, discounts, invitations and challenges. These are surprise activities that you can go and do over the two month period.

So, for example, if you subscribe for our March/April box, you will receive a Buckt Box containing 8-10 mystery things to do in the West Midlands, and you will be able to do these activities during the months of March and April.

A Bucket List

A bucket list. Adventure. Excitement. The things you’ve always wanted to do but just never got around to doing them. It’s a goal; an aspiration; something to focus on to distract you from the humdrum of everyday life. It’s that search for happiness when it feels like happiness doesn’t exist.


Get up from your sofa. Turn off that TV. Put some trousers on. Get the left over Wotsits out of your beard. Go. Live.


Buckt is a bi-monthly tickets and activities subscription box. The idea was born out of a desire to help people live life to its fullest and complete things on their bucket lists.

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